This issue is about and dedicated to the health and support workers and services navigating the Wh?nau Ora programme. "It is about increasing the wellbeing of individuals and wh?nau to lead full lives and uses the power of wh?nau to improve the wellbeing of individuals and wh?nau. It provides wh?nau with appropriate services and support so they can become more self-managing and achieve their aspirations."



Leading in partnership - the Wh?nau Ora Way

Nigel Beckford, Rouruina Emil’e-Brown, Hamish Crooks, Tevita Funaki, Vui Mark Gosche, Trevor Guttenbeil

Potential for using New Zealand’s Integrated Data Infrastructure in Pacific health and wellbeing research

Jesse Kokaua, Seini Jensen, Wilmason Jensen, Debbie Sorensen, Rosalina Richards

PASIFIKA FUTURES WH?NAU ORA: F’INE – Nurturing the Future for Pasifika LGBTQI

Saneta Manoa, Phylesha Brown-Acton, Tatryanna Utanga, Seini Jensen

Wh?nau Ora – A New Beginning

Nigel Beckford, Seini Taulava, Mama John, Isaiah Immanuel