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We are OPEN ACCESS. Conventions of Open Access are:

  • The articles and Journal are free to readers
  • Authors retain copyright
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  • Our Pacific stories were never confined to the printed form – images, films, poems, song to promote health are welcomed
  • Our Pacific stories were not confined by space or oceans or time or horizons – research collaborations, summaries, meetings and research plans are welcomed.
  • Our Pacific health stories need to be shared with each other and the world – our website and publications are linked to social media for wider dissemination of your work
  • Sharing is Learning – which may also lead to action – for better health initiatives, interventions and policies.

We welcome suggestions as to how to make the Journal and Website more informative and exciting.

The Pacific Health Dialog (PHD) is the Journal of Pacific Research for the Pacific region. It is the only Medline listed medical and public health journal published specifically for Pacific Island countries. We promote all research pertaining to the Pacific region with a particular focus on Community Health and Clinical Medicine. Although the initial focus of the journal has been community health and clinical medicine, we have published across a broad range of topics including Pacific Island economic development, education, employment, social services and politics.

Reviewing the archives will reveal the very broad extent of the contributions by many authors over many years. Pacific Island people continue to make a significant contribution to the ongoing development of the region and indeed the rest of the world. The Pacific Health Dialog journal provides the vehicle for showcasing that contribution.

In 2009, the PHD ownership was transferred to the Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) from the Fiji School of Medicine. The Journal is produced by the Pasifika Medical Association as an independent publication.