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Viali Lameko Ramona Boodoosingh Penelope Schoeffel Tausala Aiavao Falelua Maua Saunima’a Aiolupotea



Introduction: The level of obesity among the Samoan adult population has doubled since 1978 for both men and women and is a serious public health issue.

Aim: To determine the knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) with regard to obesity among Samoan health professionals. 

Methods: Interview front-line health workers in ten rural and one urban health facility using a developed questionnaire and observation of clinical practice. The sample comprised 130 (68%) registered nurses, 45 (24%) enrolled nurses and 15 (8%) doctors.

Findings: Most participants were well informed about the relation between obesity and non-communicable disease and were aware of the prevalence of obesity and related health risks. Contradictory advise was often given to patients about the maintenance of a healthy body weight

Discussion: There is a need to educate health workers on evidence-based weight management pathways and to develop patient care plans so overweight and obese persons attending health service facilities are informed effectively on how to lose weight.

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Survey of healthcare professionals in Samoa to evaluate their knowledge, attitude, and practice on managing obesity . (2022). Pacific Health Dialog, 21(9), 565-574.