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Lawal Olayemi Jyothi Alex Abraham Vicky Yemoh Kamoru Adedokun Samuelu-Matthes Maatasesa


As the global surge of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rise, attention has been drawn to health implications and damaging effects caused by COVID-19 in patients with chronic conditions. Palliative care delivery in diseased patients and those with chronic conditions is imperative in mitigating unprecedented health outcomes. Though many health care workers in developed countries are implementing new strategies to address palliative care challenges in patients at risk of COVID-19, preventive measures and strategies are crucial in resource-limited settings, where palliative care is seen as a new concept. This report addresses the approach to palliative care delivery and changes that may arise from the coronavirus pandemic. It also looks at possible socio-behavioural entities, education, preventive measures and upscaling diagnostic capacity for COVID-19 in resource-limited settings. Harnessing these factors as guidance and delivery tools for healthcare workers in resource-limited settings could help to manage risks and benefits associated with providing optimal palliative care in this pandemic period. 

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Covid-19 and Palliative Care Delivery in Resource-Limited Settings: Healthcare Workers’ Involvement. (2021). Pacific Health Dialog, 21(7), 458-464.