Alcohol Advertising in Pacific Islands Countries and Territories: A Scoping Review

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Monleigh Ikiua
Vili Nosa




Introduction: Alcohol has become embedded into the cultural, economic, and social fabric of Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICT); however, it continues to be a neglected health issue for many PICT. This scoping literature review explores current alcohol advertising policies in each PICT.

Methods: This review utilises the 'Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses for Scoping reviews' to identify literature on alcohol advertising policies. Twenty-five sources, ranging from 1963 to 2020, form the final data synthesis.

Findings: The results of this review reveal that not all PICT have alcohol advertising restrictions in place. Health warning labels as a means of deterring alcohol use are also inconsistent across PICT but aid in consumer decisions. A notable concern in alcohol advertising is the use of culture as a marketing ploy.

Conclusion: This review provides essential information on alcohol advertising in PICT. Nine PICT enforce some form of alcohol advertising prohibition, and ten do not. In countries with alcohol advertising, drinking behaviours vary, demonstrating a need for further research on the implementation efforts of current policies. In countries with no alcohol advertising, alcohol use is normalised and portrayed as unproblematic. The use of health warning labels is also not consistent amongst PICT. The use of culture as a marketing ploy is unacceptable as it belittles culture and is disrespectful to leaders. Understanding the alcohol advertising restrictions that work in each PICT can help decrease alcohol consumption and the harms associated with its misuse across all PICT.

Keywords: Alcohol, Advertising, Pacific.

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